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We take pride in giving our clients peace of mind through secure financial advice.

Our mission

We aim to offer a personal service that considers your current position along with your desires and goals. Our mission is to take you from A to B in the simplest and most risk-appropriate way possible.

We use all available data to ensure that our planning and forecasting services accurately picture how investments will perform over time. Not every individual or business will want to invest in the same commodities, nor will they have the same short-term and long-term goals. Therefore, every service is fully customized to the needs of each client.

Our team

We are a team of 180+ employees working from our office locations around the globe.

Our Head Office was established in Asia’s rising financial center - Seoul, Republic of Korea. The appeal of this city was to be well-positioned for international investment and acquisition within a highly developed economy. Here we serve our corporate clients, dedicated to getting the best out of every investment and evolving our business through our deep knowledge and experience in the global finance industry.

Our Retail Trading Office is located in Canada’s financial capital – Toronto. The city’s largest industry is financial services which aligned perfectly with our global reach strategy. Here we work around the clock to service our private retail clients with a commitment and constant drive to help them achieve the results they deserve.

We have positioned our Research & Analysis Office in the world’s financial capital - London, United Kingdom. The city is the world’s most internationally connected financial center, providing unrivaled access to the global markets. Here we work tirelessly gathering data and performing in-depth research about investment opportunities to give our clients confidence that their wealth is in safe hands.

Our team is experienced and savvy, and we understand how to help you achieve your financial goals. Every team member has a different background, and we employ individuals from many countries. This allows us to provide a whole-world perspective to any investment strategy, helping us see things from every conceivable angle while understanding both the tax requirements and local customs for international trading and investing.

We are proud of our position in the market today but also believe that the best is yet to come.

It is a testament to our team that we are trusted to manage over $17.34 billion. Providing accurate advice and developing winning strategies has allowed us to grow to such a position. Every member of our team has a working knowledge of all aspects of the financial services industry, allowing us to provide robust advice and build winning portfolios.

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